THE often troubled Adrien Broner would be hit with a $500,000 penalty if he fails to make weight for his July 29 fight with Mikey Garcia.

Broner has missed weight before but insists that on this occasion he will make the agreed 140lbs limit without problems. “It’s actually easy, man. Now I got a reason to make 140. But I ain’t giving nobody half of one million dollars. I mean, I’ll probably give somebody $10. I ain’t going to give nobody half of one million and nothing,” Broner said. “I ain’t giving nobody nothing.”

Once again Broner has promised his lax discipline is a thing of the past. “It’s time to take boxing more seriously.  When you touched the type of money I’ve touched at a young age, man, you don’t know how to handle it. Like I said before, I’m older. I got experience in life.  I know what I want to do and that’s be the best Adrien Broner I can be,” the American said. “Everybody keeps saying ‘About Billions’. But now it’s ‘About Boxing’. So as you can tell I left the ‘About Billions’ lifestyle, I left it alone for this whole camp. And that’s why the new series that I’ve been putting out is about boxing, becoming ‘About Boxing’. So, you know, my main focus is just getting in the best shape I can so I can go mess Mikey up. And that’s it. You know, it’s nothing personal. If I hurt him, I know he’s definitely trying to come hurt me, but I’m coming to mess him up. I’ve said like we’re too close right now and I feel like punching his face.”

Adrien Broner

It is a crucial contest for Broner. “I just want to go out there and show the people, I am one of the top boxers for a reason. I’m going to be victorious next week,” he said. “It’s a hell of a fight for me and it’s definitely going to be a defining moment for Adrien Broner.

“I’m a four-time world champion. He’s a three-time world champion in three weight classes. I’m a four-time world champion of four different weight classes. This is a big fight for boxing.”