1 Low blows hurt

If we are to take Usyk’s reaction to the low blow in round five at face value, one thing is clear: it hurt. Wherever the shot landed, it was enough to drop the Ukrainian to the canvas and leave him in a state of distress.

2 Five minutes means five minutes

So often we see boxers take an illegal shot and then return to action prematurely, allowing their pride to get the better of them. Not Usyk, however. He made use of the allotted five minutes of recovery time to ensure he was fit to continue.

3 Someone tell Dubois

Oddly, despite the uproar to follow, Dubois made no protest to the referee, Luis Pabon, nor even his corner during the minutes he waited for Usyk to recover from a supposedly “legal” body shot in round five.

4 Body shots may have been the way to go

It is easy to say with hindsight that the route to victory for Dubois was one paved with body shots but that doesn’t make it any less true. If unsure pre-fight, we know now that Usyk isn’t exactly a fan of them.

5 Dubois didn’t deserve the first fight and doesn’t deserve a rematch

Because only the bizarre actions of a sanctioning body (WBA) – rather than, say, any decent wins – delivered Dubois his first shot at Usyk, it would be ridiculous if a rematch of a mismatch was now ordered on account of a claim which can never be proven.

Daniel Dubois is knocked down (Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images)

6 Dubois prefers to be on top

Though not alone in wanting to be in the ascendancy, there is a view now, whether right or wrong, that Dubois is a heavyweight liable to fall apart when things get tough and he can see no way to turn it around.

7 Usyk possesses an intelligence Dubois lacks

The difference in ring IQ between Usyk and Dubois was evident as early as round one. One man was there just to punch as hard as he could, while the other, Usyk, was a well-rounded and well-oiled fighting machine, using hands, feet and head all in tandem.

8 Dubois still needs to learn

It’s all well and good throwing Dubois into a mismatch like Saturday’s, but there must come a time – probably now – when he builds up the proper way against decent opposition he can beat and does justice to his undoubted potential.

9 Usyk’s jab is a weapon

While some will say no heavyweight should be taking a knee and staying on the canvas following a jab, Usyk’s jab is unlike most in the division. It is snappy and sneaky and, based on Dubois’ reaction to it, obviously spiteful.

10 If not fighting Fury, Usyk is just wasting time

As good as it was to see Usyk dominate an overmatched opponent and, better yet, close the show, there is still an element of “so what?” to his win over Dubois. It did nothing for his legacy and brings us no closer to clarity in the heavyweight division.