1. Sebastian Lujan l rsf 10 Antonio Margarito

Lujan’s left ear had been left ripped and almost detached from his head, forcing the fight to be stopped.

2. Vitali Klitschko l rsf 6 Lennox Lewis

Klitschko was giving Lewis serious problems before the fight was stopped due to horrific cuts around his left eye.

3. Mike Tyson l dq 3 Evander Holyfield

In their huge rematch, Tyson did the unthinkable when he bit a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear, resulting in his disqualification.


4. Kermit Cintron l td 4 Paul Williams

Cintron was unable to continue when he charged at Williams and propelled himself out of the ring, injuring himself in the process.

5. Hasim Rahman l td 8 Evander Holyfield

A huge hematoma appeared above Rahman’s left eye after what looked like a head clash.

6. Alfredo Angulo l rsf 10 Erislandy Lara

Having dropped Lara twice, Angulo was stopped in the 10th when his left eye had swollen to a grotesque size.

7. Jorge Barrios l rsf 11 Rocky Juarez

Barrios was boxing well until a horrific gash on his lip left him leaking blood.

8. Vitali Klitschko l rtd 9 Chris Byrd

The defending WBO heavyweight champion was comfortably ahead when he was forced to retire from the fight after tearing a rotator cuff in his shoulder.

9. Stephen Smith l td 9 Francisco Vargas

Another fight, another horrible ear injury. Stephen Smith wanted to continue when he suffered a severe cut to his ear against Francisco Vargas in Las Vegas.

10. Ron Stander l rtd 4 Joe Frazier

Bludgeoned and bloodied, Stander was pulled out after Frazier had rearranged his facial features.