1. Artur Szpilka

In a fight tougher than expected, Wilder found himself on the back foot as he measured Szpilka coming forward, waited for him to attack, then finished him with a short and devastating right hand. It left the Pole knocked out cold.

2. Dominic Breazeale

With a minute to go in the first round, Wilder ended what was supposed to be a competitive fight with a hellacious right cross through the middle which penetrated Breazeale’s guard and crumpled him on to the canvas.

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder wipes out Dominic Breazeale inside a round

3. Siarhei Liakhovich

Liakhovich, a former WBO champion, was finished by a brutal Wilder right hand in the very first round of their 2013 bout. The impact of the shot left the Belarussian flat on his back and convulsing.

4. Bermane Stiverne

Two years after their first fight, which went the full 12 rounds, Wilder dusted off Stiverne in far more decisive fashion. Inside the first round he overpowered him with heavy shots, forced him to the ropes and then had to be dragged from the Haitian by the referee.

5. Luis Ortiz

Wilder appeared to be on his way to a first career defeat before turning the tables on Ortiz in their 2018 slugfest. In round 10, he hurt the Cuban and ended up finishing him with a right uppercut, a punch rarely pulled from Wilder’s arsenal.

Deontay Wilder
It took some time for Wilder to find his range against Ortiz

6. Eric Molina

In this 2015 fight Wilder sent Molina to the canvas on multiple occasions before eventually bringing the fight to an end in the ninth round. A chopping right hand had Molina turning his back and collapsing, no count necessary.

7. David Long

To set up this knockout Wilder touched Long with his jab and then fired a destructive right hand at Long’s ear. The recipient’s feet stayed locked in place while his body swayed left and hit the canvas.

8. Kelvin Price

In a mark of his range and speed, the right hand Wilder used to crush Kelvin Price was launched from the middle of the ring and resulted in Price flying back towards one of its four corners with a startled look on his face. He then rolled over but couldn’t make it up.

9. Malik Scott

This right hand thrown in the first round seemed innocuous on the face of it, but it touched the sweet spot on Scott’s forehead and left his senses scrambled and his legs wanting to venture off in different directions.

10. Audley Harrison

There was a certain inevitability to this one as Wilder stalked a hesitant Harrison and waited for his right hand to land. When it finally did, Audley’s legs betrayed him and Wilder surrounded him, windmilling both arms in a corner, allowing A-Force no room to escape.

Wilder gets to Malik Scott early