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James Toney: "I can't wait to let England know I'm the best fighter they've ever had over there"

James Toney tells Boxing News about his plans to dominate the November 14 Prizefighter

I want the Klitschko sisters after I win Prizefighter

Q: It’s taken all this time for you to finally have a fight in the U.K. How did we finally get you over here, for this tournament?

James Toney: “I have no idea, man! My Pops (John Arthur, Toney‘s manager) told me this tournament had been offered to me and I took it. Nobody wants to fight me, so this is an opportunity to get a fight, or fights. I’m super excited. I love England, I’ve visited before, and now it’s time to show y’all the best fighter in the world. It’s no problem for me entering this tournament, I’m ready to go and I’m coming!”

Q: You like the format, of fighting three, three-minute rounds with three fights in total if you get to the final?

J.T: “I’d prefer to do that every time I fight! I’d fight three times daily if I had my way. I’d love that. If I had my way, I’d fight Klitschko, Klitschko and then whoever. I’m old-school and I love to fight as often as I can.”

Q: What if anything do you know about the other three confirmed names: Sherman Williams, Sam Sexton and Larry Olubamiwo?

J.T: “I’m sure they’re all good fighters and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve got when I get in the ring with them. I’m up for this and I can’t wait to let everyone in England know I’m the best fighter they’ve ever had over there. They’ve had some good fighters in England over the years, but none as good as me. I can’t wait to show the British fans I’m the real heavyweight champion.”

Q: Why has it taken you this long - after 88 pro fights (75 wins with three draws - 45 KO’s) - to fight in England?

J.T: “Well, it should’ve happened 20 years ago, when [Nigel] Benn and [Chris] Eubank were around. But it is what it is, they avoided me. I wanted those fights, to show what I always knew, that I was the best middleweight and super-middleweight in the world. But I’m looking forward to showing my skills now.”

Q: The tournament is slightly over three weeks away. Did you get enough notice and are you in top shape for this?

J.T: “I’ve had enough notice. I’m ready to go. I’m in shape and I can’t wait to be James Toney in there. I’ll be slipping and countering and busting ‘em up.”

Q:  There are rumours that both Riddick Bowe and Shannon Briggs may be entering the tournament. Have you heard anything, James?

J.T: “Rumours are just that, rumours. I don’t pay any attention. But it don’t matter who enters, they’ll have to put up or shut up. I can beat any heavyweight in the world.”

Q: When will you be arriving in England?

J.T:  “You better ask Pops. When we going, Pops? - John “Pops” Arthur, James’ manager, was on the line and he answered as follows: ‘We are working on the travel dates as we speak. We’ve signed one final agreement and just have one more final agreement to sign. We’ve just sent James’ medicals to the U.K and we’re just waiting on that and then we’ll be ready to go.’ 

Q: Assuming you win Prizefighter, what would you want to do after that, James, and would you like to box in England again afterwards?

J.T: “The undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. That’s all I want. I want the Klitschko sisters! This is a big tournament, I’m not looking down on it at all, but I want the undisputed titles. Yeah, I’d like to fight in England again, why not? I love the British fans. I’m proud to enter this tournament and that trophy will go right next to all my world championship belts. This is a big tournament but it could be bigger, and it will be even bigger after I’ve won it.”


Author : James Slater


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