I KNOW that thousands of people have voiced their opinions on this, but I felt I had to share my views. We as human beings should learn the lessons shown by Tyson Fury. To be on the brink of disaster. To be at the edge of a bottomless pit of despair. To not only survive this, but to come out fighting then return another day, stronger, faster and genuinely better. This is a thing of greatness. My grandfather taught me about the importance of Joe Louis. My father taught me about the importance of Muhammad Ali. I will teach my children and grandchildren about the importance of Tyson Fury.
Michael Coverley

A WHILE back, I was scrolling through my social media and came across the phone number of an up-and-coming welterweight prospect, Joe Laws. I’d seen him fight on TV a couple times, so I knew the guy was exciting to watch. I’d also seen him training on Instagram. Without any hesitation, I decided to give him a ring. He picked up on the first try and I said that I was calling to wish him all the best for his fight that was in a couple of weeks’ time. He thanked me for the message and we started talking about boxing for 10 minutes. We talked about how his training was going, the big fights that were happening and which fights he wanted in the future. He asked me about my boxing and when my next fight was. For me, a 15-year-old boy who lives and breathes the sport, it was an amazing experience talking to a professional boxer and getting their views on the game. His recent Guest Column in the April 9 issue helped us all realise the financial difficulties that boxers are going through with the ongoing pandemic. I hope we all pull through this and boxing is up and running again soon. Joe is one of the nice guys in boxing and definitely someone to look out for after this has all cleared up.
Calum Smith

AS a reader/subscriber of Boxing News for over 30 years, I thought now was a good time, with everything going on in the world as it is, to drop you a quick note to say thank you for keeping up an excellent magazine in very difficult circumstances. I’d never cancel my subscription, but I must say that over these last few weeks, I’ve loved the paper more than ever and I’m finding more to read than usual. Steve Bunce’s weekly articles are always a must-read and although I have no social media/internet interest, I really enjoy reading the Media Review article each week.
Ian Harrington