AFTER his incredible mauling of Deontay Wilder, if Tyson Fury were to retire now how would he compare to his namesake, Mike Tyson? I personally think Fury is greater. Coming back from adversity to defeat the most feared puncher in the sport is an awe-inspiring achievement. And let’s not forget his win over Wladimir Klitschko in Germany too. Mike, on the other hand, always seemed to buckle in the face of real adversity. Although his youngest world heavyweight champion record is likely to never be bettered, it’s a struggle to find great wins on his résumé. Besides Trevor Berbick, Tony Tucker, Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks, one really does struggle for examples of great victories from Mike, yet criticism directed at him is often met with confused uproar and aggressive ranting. His highlight reels are indeed intoxicating, but I’m afraid too many people are blind drunk from them.
James Glossop

Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury
Getty Images

I’D like to pay tribute to one of British boxing’s unsung heroes, journeyman William Warburton, who announced his retirement earlier this year after 201 professional contests. Always a pleasure to have on the bill, William went the distance with many good names. He caused more than a few upsets too, and I’m glad to say that I was there to witness a few. The fact that he was only stopped three times speaks volumes in itself. On January 30 in Glasgow, I announced William for, unbeknown to me, the last time, in what would be his final bout. It was fitting that it ended with his arm being raised. I wish William all the best for the future and hope that we’ll still see him on the boxing circuit in some role.
Craig Stephen, Master of Ceremonies

ON behalf of the Boxing Writers’ Club, I’d like to congratulate Boxing News on their spectacular double success at the SJA Awards. As anybody who has had anything to do with our sport will confirm, the real rewards only come from hard work, commitment, dedication and a passion for boxing. Boxing News – its editorial team and its contributors – have those attributes in abundance. It’s heartening to see their combined efforts recognised at the highest level within the sports journalism community. Our sport could not wish for better representation than that offered by Boxing News. Keep punching hard at those laptops.
David Smith, Boxing Writers’ Club Secretary