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Here is an exclusive extract from Amir Khan’s interview in the Boxing News Annual:

Would you be interested in a fight at middleweight against Gennady Golovkin?

“No, because I think middleweight is too much of a jump for me. I think Brook would say the same if you asked him since the Golovkin fight. Look, I’m never afraid to go in the ring with anyone, but there’s a life after boxing as well, so you have to be smart about what fights you take. I wouldn’t go up to middleweight and fight someone like Golovkin, because he’s simply a bigger man than me.

“I never truly knew what [moving up from welterweight] was going to be like until I fought Canelo [at 155lbs]. Now that I’ve done it and experienced it, I realise that it’s not for me. I need to stick to my own weight division, which is welterweight. You can see by my body frame that I’m not really a big guy. When Kell went up to middleweight, he seemed a more natural fit at the higher weight than I did. He was walking around heavier than Golovkin at one time before the fight. When I got in the ring against Canelo, I only weighed about 158lbs, whereas Canelo walked in at around 187lbs. That’s a massive difference there, you know.”