Michael Conlan
Super-bantamweight contender

I think so, he might go and do even better with a financial giant like DAZN behind him. His promotion and fight nights so far in the US have been very impressive.

Paul Edwards
Former British champion

Yes. Sky Sports is the best, the production and everything. But DAZN with the Matchroom team, they know what they’re doing. The price probably will go up from £1.99 a month but I do think it will be a success. Could be even better.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager and promoter

It is inevitable that Eddie will be less prominent In the UK without the rolling Sky PR machine. It will be pivotal for Eddie to find the funds to keep Anthony Joshua at DAZN. If he can do that he’ll no doubt ride through an unsettling phase successfully. If he loses AJ his influence could diminish very quickly.

Richard Poxon
Promoter and manager

It’s really hard to say. DAZN have very deep pockets but can you build and sustain a channel here in the UK with mostly boxing, and some overseas football? Only time will tell. The world of content and how it’s delivered is just changing incredibly fast.

Alex Steedman
Commentator and podcast

Drop that fella on a deserted island with nothing and he’d be a millionaire within a week. So probably, yes. And I like much of the DAZN chat.

Declan Taylor
Boxing reporter

Depends how you define success. He will undoubtedly put on dozens of great shows and earn his fighters a huge amount of money in the process. But what will boxing on an app do for the sport and interest in it over the long run? The jury’s out.

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