MyGloves are completely customisable training and sparring gloves from Adidas. With a range of different customisable options available, they allow boxers to create unique gloves that no one else has.

With many professionals such as Ryan Garcia, Julian Sosa, Alycia Baumgardner and Chris Algieri championing these gloves, they are becoming a staple for all boxers looking to up their kit, and their game.

Take a look through some of our top reasons why you should get your very own pair of Adidas MyGloves:

High quality materials

Made from the very best materials including real leather, horsehair and Japanese foam, these gloves are carefully created in the USA, making them extremely long lasting. The quality materials mean that your gloves will stay fresher for longer and especially if you regularly clean them and look after them, they retain that ‘good as new look’ for a long time.

The Japanese foam inners are extremely padded and actually mould to the shape of your hand, offering superior protection for your fists.

Represent your personality

With over 10 different elements that you can customise to your personal team colours, MyGloves allows you to create a unique set of boxing gloves that reflects your personality.

If you already have your very own boxing gear, the different colour options mean that you can easily match in with your existing shorts, t-shirts and jackets.


One of the most impressive options on these gloves is the ability to add your name, nickname or boxing name onto the gloves themselves.

Not only does this make you look extremely professional when training or sparring, it can also give you a huge boost in confidence when you’re in the ring.

Simple and easy

The process for creating your gloves is extremely simple and it takes no time at all to create your masterpiece.

There are three main steps that need to be completed in order to design your gloves:

  • Gloves – choose which style of gloves you would like; Lace-up Fight Gloves, Velcro Training Gloves or Lace-up Training Gloves
  • Customisation – choose from 16 different colours, with metallic and matt options available and customise the different areas of your glove
  • Personalisation – add your name or nickname to the glove

Once you have created your own unique gloves, they are specially handcrafted in America by an expert team.

Ken Mills, owner of Boxfit UK says, “We added these to our range last year and they’re a really creative way for amateur and pro boxers to put their own mark on their kit easily. The advanced level of customisation definitely makes them stand out, but apart from this, they’re quality and effective gloves in their own right”

Adidas MyGloves are exclusively available online at Boxfit UK, If you have any questions about creating your very own gloves, speak to the team on  01708 320320 or email