JUST when you think 2020 can’t get any crazier, Mike Tyson announces he is fighting Roy Jones Jnr. On the video below I talk about why this should not be happening and give my fight prediction which will surprise you, so check that out. 

 Mike Tyson is aged 54 and hasn’t fought in over 15 years, really? The people around him should be telling him this is not a good idea. 

Roy Jones is my favourite fighter of all time, I absolutely love everything about his style. He was not known as a puncher but has actually KO’d more people that Mike Tyson with 47.

RJJ, aged 51, has also not fought for a couple of years, but in the time while Mike Tyson has been retired Roy has had 26 fights. 

Both of these legends going head to head for me is absolutely crazy. This should not be happening, and on this video, I explain why:

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