Paul Smith
Former British champion

I think Lauren Price will shake up women’s boxing. For me it’s got to be Bakhodir Jalolov. The way he fights and how he is. He moves great, he covers ground very quickly. He doesn’t get too gung ho when he gets someone hurt. The left hand on him is frightening.

Lisa Whiteside
Ex GB boxer

With the success Team GB had in Tokyo and many now making their way over to the pro ranks that’s a tough call. I think that Luke McCormack will be suited to the pro game and he can progress without the same sort of pressure or expectation as there is on his brother Pat.

Joe Gallagher
Top trainer

Caroline Dubois is the stand out girl there. Galal Yafai turned pro straightaway in 10 rounds, but I think Ben Whittaker. Because of his division, his character. He could be a Marmite character but I think whoever gets Ben Whittaker they’ll have a potential star on their hands there.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter
Having just seen the news that Cuba is allowing their boxers to turn professional, then I think Andy Cruz. That guy is a generational talent. GB-wise, Ben Whittaker but he has to get moving now because interest has died down while he waits to make his promotional decision.