Lisa Whiteside
Pro fighter

Michael Conlan will start as favourite but I think this is going to be close. Leigh Wood is stronger than his record suggests and if he got his tactics right he could win a tight points decision. Let’s hope it’s not controversial though.

Charlie Sims
Boxing manager

I would say Conlan because I feel is the better boxer. He’s got great amateur pedigree. I feel he needs a big fight like this to step up and show what he’s made of. However Wood clearly carries a lot of heart, and a lot of power and if he can bring that, then we’re surely going to get a really great fight.

Dave Coldwell
Top trainer

It’s a really good fight. People underrate Leigh. Conlan’s very good but he’s also a lot tougher than people think. He hits hard, is very good up close. The difference will be the power. I lean towards Leigh, I think his power will be the difference as it goes to the final quarter of the fight.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Conlan on points. I pick Michael because of his pure ability to win fights. He’s got the ring IQ to work out the best method and the skills to implement it. He’s successfully done that at every level he’s been at so far, and I believe he’ll do it again on Saturday. I expect Leigh to push him very hard though.

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