Thomas Stalker
Fought Taylor as an amateur

I pick Taylor to win on points. I feel he is all round the better fighter. Taylor was only a baby when I boxed him twice, now he has his man strength. He has it all. He was always built for the pros. He’s a good boxing brain, a combination puncher and his biggest asset is determination.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games winner

It’s a fantastic unification fight, I’m looking forward to it. Both undefeated with high stoppage percentages. Ramirez is a busy brawler with a high tempo whereas Josh is a more technically skilled but doesn’t mind mixing it up either. Josh on points for me. Could be close if he gets involved in toe-to-toe tactics.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

If Josh Taylor can stay completely focused and be patient and disciplined, he can pinch early rounds before pulling away in the second half of the fight. He has a warrior’s heart and if he stands close for too long early could easily come a cropper from Ramirez body attack. I go for Taylor on points.

Declan Taylor
Sports reporter

Taylor unanimous decision. Based on their resumes so far, he has proven he can do it at a higher level and I think Ramirez can be a bit too open at times. Taylor just needs to avoid being dragged into a dogfight and he can win comfy on the cards.

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