Michael Conlan
Rising contender

Unless Top Rank or someone come in and team up with Sky, it’s going to be hard. Because not everyone is digitally savvy. I don’t think it’s the best move for boxing in the UK, although it’s the best move for Eddie’s bank account and the fighters’ bank accounts. It could be a hindrance before everyone gets on that digital level.

Joe Gallagher
Leading trainer

It’s another outlet for boxing to be on. At the moment we’ve got Sky, we’ve got BT, we’ve got BoxNation and Channel 5. With DAZN, it depends on what Sky want to do. It opens up the gates possibly for a few promoters to get involved with Sky Sports again. It’s another platform for boxing which is a good thing.

Alex Steedman
Commentator and journalist

I hope Sky’s appetite for the sport remains. If so then it presents an opportunity to broaden promotional links which is healthier all round.

Declan Taylor
Sports reporter

That depends on what happens with Sky. It would be a huge blow for British boxing if they exit the sport completely, but if they stick around it would make three major players (along with BT and DAZN) which would raise standards across the board. Either way, DAZN fighters are going to get paid well so good luck to them.

Stacey Copeland
Broadcaster and former fighter

Potentially a huge change as Sky is a massive platform for British boxing but until all the details emerge about what exactly the DAZN deal entails then it’s hard to say.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games gold medallist

I think Matchroom aligning with DAZN will bring even more great shows for the UK and great coverage worldwide. I think Eddie Hearn is just building and building the game so can only see good coming from it.

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