Darren Barker
Former IBF champion

It would have to be that fight with Hearns, in particular the first rounds. No words can really describe how special that was. Two warriors going at it, leaving it all in the ring, it was remarkable. He was a great man. They say never meet your heroes but he goes against that.

Brian Doogan
Author of The Superfight

The obvious would be the Tommy Hearns war. But I’m going with another side of Marvin, the moment at his Nevada Hall of Fame induction when he turned to his mother and said, “I’d like you to stand up, Ma,” and he gave her the floor and a thumbs up. They were bursting with pride, mother and son who had come through so much.

Natasha Jonas
World title challenger

Hagler vs Hearns – the three round explosion. He showed how to make someone fight your way. He could change stance and still bang with both hands. He had the heart of a lion and chin of steel.

Marvin Hagler v Thomas Hearns Desert Island Fights

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

The John Mugabi fight. Mugabi was a beast, he was the one that was absolutely slaughtering everybody and Hagler didn’t just go in there to box, he mauled him himself. For me that summed up Hagler. It’s a fight that I don’t think this generation know enough about and it’s a fight that typifies Hagler for me.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

My favourite Marvin Hagler moment was the third round against Tommy Hearns. I must have watched it 1000 times and I will watch it plenty more!

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