Barry Jones
Analyst & former belt-holder

Pretty much whatever he wants, he’s earned that right now. I think fun fights for him. I think Usyk might be a bigger test for him but that’s not going to happen next. I would say the Dillian Whyte fight’s a really fun fight. I know he has to deal with ESPN but if he could get it in the UK that would sell out a stadium.

Darren Barker
Analyst & former belt-holder

I think chase Usyk but that would be autumn of next year realistically. He’s been so inactive, he’ll want to get in the ring sharpish, body permitting. Does he want to fight Dillian Whyte? In an ideal world it would be Usyk but a long layoff won’t do him any favours before that. He’s better off staying active.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

I’d like to see Tyson have a nice little voluntary against someone over here. I know there’s quite a clamour for Dillian Whyte but Tyson can pick and choose who he fights next, I think he’s earned that. Of course, I’d like to see Fury-Whyte but I think they might go for [Agit] Kabayel, give him a nice little homecoming.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

He should be fighting Usyk next but unfortunately Joshua’s rematch clause will prevent that. Given that, it looks like he’ll be in with the winner of Whyte vs Wallin and if that ends up being Whyte then that will do fine. Fury vs Whyte in the UK. Yes please.

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