MIGUEL COTTO is very deceiving. Although everyone knows how good he is from his record, you can’t understand the extent of his skill until you’ve seen him fight in the flesh. When you’re actually in the ring with him, it’s a big shock to be fair!

His movement is fantastic and he punches with pinpoint accuracy. I’d say that’s his biggest strength. He never wastes a punch. When he caught me with a body shot at the end of the fourth round, I came out in the fifth with the intention to make sure I defended against the body attacks. Then, within 10 seconds, he caught me with the exact same shot, even though I was consciously defending against it. He’s been the hardest opponent of my career by a million miles.

miguel cotto

Before our fight, some people suggested that there was a chance that he could blow up in the later rounds. However, that wasn’t the case. Even in his second bout with Antonio Margarito, he looked in top condition. As far as weaknesses are concerned, I don’t think he’s got many.