FLOYD MAYWEATHER always has that ability to get under your skin but with me it was not about that as much as I was fired up by the crowd. I was getting in his face, he was getting in mine, but ultimately he doesn’t let you fight your fight. I didn’t think I was allowed to either [by the referee] and it probably wouldn’t have made any difference.

I was clipping him and catching him here and there and a couple of rounds were even but I felt he was always calling the shots.

And he was slippery. I couldn’t have hit him with a handful of confetti and even when I got a shot through it half-caught his shoulder or he half-rolled it or he moved half a step back or half-slipped out of the way.

floyd mayweather

His timing was incredible. If I had him on the ropes and threw seven or eight punches, he blocked about six of them and then hit me with a haymaker.

But the better man won. I think he will go down as an all-time great.

“I hope Conor McGregor knocks Floyd Mayweather out,”  says Ricky Hatton.