Frank SmithMatchroom Boxing
More than anything, the medical care. We no longer have the ability to utilise the doctors and hospitals that are of course a necessity when staging an event. We can look at studio fights but without the medical care in place, it’s a non-starter.

George WarrenQueensberry Promotions
It’s the uncertainty. Even when lockdown is loosened there is likely going to be an economic impact on all of us. Another thing to consider is how quickly people will actually feel safe to attend events again.

Mickey HellietManager, trainer and promoter
Getting a date that we know we can plan for. We need three months to get things up and running again, to start selling tickets, start the marketing, but, in three months’ time, we might be exactly where we are now.

Carl GreavesManager, trainer and promoter
People will be uneasy to go out and attend events. There is the effect on the economy we must consider too, are people going to want to spend their money on boxing? This will affect us all in some way.

Are there any positives to draw from this period of isolation?

Frank Smith
I don’t think there’s any upsides for the sporting world. Perhaps we can all appreciate certain things a bit more but for boxers reliant on fighting to get paid, and for small hall promoters, it’s a difficult time. At least in boxing, though, we are not governed by tournaments and fixtures so we’ll be able to get back up and running quickly.

George Warren
Tyson Fury said it best; we should all use this time to refocus and look at what is important in our lives. We’ll never get time to do so like this again. But for boxing? No, there are no real positives.

Mickey Helliet
This is the time for top fighters to ensure the best fights are made. This is unprecedented but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. If I was Fury or Joshua I’d be doing everything to ensure that fight happens when the window of opportunity opens. They have short careers.

Carl Greaves
It’s the only break I’ve had in 24 years so I’ve quite enjoyed that! But from a boxing perspective, from the point of view of all involved, it’s heart-breaking. So many have lost momentum and it will be a challenge to get people motivated again.