Lamon Brewster defeated Wladimir in 2004 and lost to him in 2007

“He was able to maintain the jab whereas the last time I knew his jab would be busy but I was able to get past it. In the second fight his jab was better, he had an awesome jab and I tried to get past it but I couldn’t. So then he was accumulating punches. I knew, at some point, I couldn’t keep getting hit like that. I felt I was the same, relentless Lamon Brewster in both fights but sometimes somebody has the better night. Unlike crying wolf or saying poison [Wladimir claimed he had been poisoned after the loss], you just admit when someone’s better than you that night. He was better that night.”

Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko lands a punch to his challenger Lamon Brewster during their IBF heavy weight boxing World Championship title fight in Cologne

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