Chris Byrd, who lost to Wladimir in 2000 (pts 12) and 2006 (rsf 6)

“Wladimir beat me the first time, I just didn’t feel right. The second fight. I was never in the fight. He fought a great fight. He made some changes to his style. He got my respect for beating Sam Peter. I got hit with all kinds of punches. It wasn’t the fight we trained for in sparring. Everything felt great going in but when you get out there and start getting hit and certain things don’t work for you… I thank the Lord I had the chance to have a rematch with Wladimir. He’s such a big, strong, good boxer. I take nothing away from him. It was knuckle-headed of me to think I was bigger and stronger than him. He’s 241 pounds of muscle and I was 212 pounds of bulked up muscle, not even for-real muscle. So I felt I had to go in there and push him around and it didn’t work out. It was a horrid showing, getting hit with all kinds of punches. I was pretty sharp in sparring, I was pretty aggressive, but Wladimir Klitschko is a big, strong guy, he’s talented. He knows how to box. It’s hard to fight him.”


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