THE 2017 Annual from Boxing News is coming soon, available to pre-order HERE. We throw readers’ questions, things that they’ve never been asked before, at some of the biggest names in boxing, including Anthony Joshua, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carl Frampton and others. Plus there are features, year in review and much more. Don’t miss out.

Here is an exclusive extract from Sugar Ray Leonard’s interview in the Boxing News Annual:

Who is the best fighter you sparred?

It had to be Howard Davis. His handspeed was super, super fast – and I thought I had quick hands. He came within a whisker of winning the world title, it was a surprise that he didn’t. And also I must add that I sparred with Roy Jones one time. I sparred with Roy Jones and I had just come back from having a few beers [laughs]. I did! I went to lunch with a friend of mine, then I heard that Roy was in the gym so I went to the gym and Roy didn’t have a sparring partner. So I said, ‘Hey man! I’ll spar you’. I had a suit on, I took that off, took my shirt off and I put my gloves on. I took those gloves off pretty fast…