Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

Oleksandr Usyk was a brilliant cruiserweight with excellent skills and can use his movement and southpaw style to cause problems for Joshua. I think he probably needs more experience at heavyweight.

Joe Gallagher
Callum Johnson’s trainer

AJ’s improving with his feet, Usyk’s got good feet as well. It’s who can hold their nerve when they go into a shoot out. I do think it’ll be a very technical fight and it’ll be mentally draining. For Usyk to win he’s got to keep Joshua on his toes, on his feet, moving, close the distance and when he gets up close don’t let AJ hold him.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games winner

It’s going to be tough with the size difference, Usyk is not a natural heavyweight therefore he will have to rely on speed, movement and being very elusive to make Joshua miss and tire.

Andy Clarke
Boxing Commentator

He has to tread a very fine line. He has to hit and move but he can’t win the fight just doing that. At times he’ll also have to stop moving, set his feet and hit Joshua hard. Too much, or not enough, of either one and he’ll lose.