Darren Barker
Former IBF champion

The mentality. Without being cocky he believed in himself, he trusted in his ability. He trusted his preparation. He was never arrogant, it was just pure belief. There’s a lot of lads out there who hide behind fake confidence or the confidence is bringing out an arrogance. With him it was just true belief.

Brian Doogan
Author of The Superfight

He committed to the ritual of self-sacrifice.Hagler was never fortune’s child, he had to do it all the hard way. From Newark’s Central Ward, through Brockton, the Philly wars and his own private prison in Provincetown, Hagler honed himself with honour, pride and the rarest of commitment.

Marvin Hagler

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

He simply wanted to prove that he’s the best, rather than who’s the A-side, who’s getting paid the most money and that kind of thing. He just stripped it back, just wanted to be the best. The hardest worker. He knew what he was good at and he knew that if he did what he was good at he’d overcome what they’d got.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

Hagler was a brave, lovable, humble and very talented fighter. He stuck with his team (the Petronelli brothers) and reaped the rewards. A genuine all-time great.

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