WELSH welterweight champion Lewis Rees has decided to hang up his gloves – at just 25.

Southpaw Rees, from Tonypandy, an outstanding amateur who captained his country, won his first nine fights after turning pro with Gary Lockett in 2011, picking up the national belt by demolishing Leon Findlay in two in May 2013.

But he boxed only twice last year – a draw in Germany and a shock, but undisputed points loss to journeyman William Warburton in December, when he seemed unable to stir himself out of his lethargy.

“The last year has been an uphill struggle mentally,” says Rees. “I’ve fallen out of love with the sport. I’ve sat down with my old man and Gary and explained everything.

“It’s not wise for me to carry on boxing half-hearted. Just going through the motions because of my talent will get me seriously hurt in the end.”

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