“LIFE is but the dream of a shadow, until illuminated by the light of god-given victory,” someone once said (well, it was Pindar okay). Or as Vin Diesel memorably paraphrased, in a quip to launch a thousand Fast & Furious movies, “Winning’s winning.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s on points, by knockout or courtesy of a freakishly dislocated shoulder, they all count.

Terry Flanagan is the new WBO lightweight champion after Jose Zepeda’s shoulder popped out of its socket. Some think it would have been fairer to call it a technical draw, since no punches from Flanagan caused the damaged. But equally Flanagan hadn’t done anything wrong, it wasn’t like an accidental head butt had cut Zepeda. The American’s body betrayed him, which was unfortunate and frustrating for everyone who wanted to see a good fight. But, almost like an own goal, it happened and I think Flanagan rightly holds the belt. Zepeda simply had to withdraw and, while he recovers, there are exciting fights to be made for Terry.

HERE is the video of Flanagan speaking after his contest.

Over in Florida, Keith Thurman also took an unsatisfying victory. Was Luis Collazo content to let a cut end the fight for him? It’s hard to believe – he is a tough character and had troubled Thurman with a body shot. (To judge for yourself watch the highlights HERE.)

In short, at least in terms of style, I don’t think Thurman did as an efficient a job against Collazo as Amir Khan did, when he blazed through the 12 rounds, dropping Luis three times in the process. But if this was an audition for The Big One, has Thurman done more to get Floyd Mayweather’s attention? The unbeaten Thurman did still finish Collazo in seven rounds. And winning after all is the only thing that really matters.

Mayweather of course is the fight Amir craves but neither he, nor Thurman, will necessarily get the call, especially if Mayweather is only going to fight once more as he says. But at least then Thurman and Khan can fight each other. Hopefully the welterweight division will stop waiting for Floyd’s decision and we’ll start seeing the other big fights.