WEBSITE analysis undertaken by the UK’s leading money-saving brand has unveiled that a third of Britons purchase new gym gear and gym memberships on Sundays and Mondays, following a weekend of overindulging on food and drink.

According to new research from, almost two fifths of Britons feel that drinking at the weekend is beginning to affect their body shape, leading many to purchase new gym gear and look to join a gym.

The analysis of website data highlighted that Sunday is the most popular day of the week for online shoppers to purchase gym gear, with 16.66 per cent of website searches and sales, followed by Monday with 16.12 per cent of website searches and sales. By contrast, Friday is the least popular day of the week to look online for deals and discounts surrounding gym gear or joining a gym, with just 11.33 per cent of the total traffic.

Chris Johnson, Head of Operations at, commented:

“We’re a little surprised that the main reason for Britons wanting to join the gym is due to having a weekend of indulgence – although, typically, that’s when they’re feeling most demotivated and self-critical, particularly if a hangover is in play. It’s always good to try to stay in shape though, fitting in a few workouts, runs or home exercises a couple of times per week.

“There’s no need to regret having fun at the weekend, as long as you don’t let overindulging become a regular habit that leads to you getting out of shape and unhealthy. With a society so aware of obesity and health issues, it’s about finding a balance.”