DUE to extensive training loads and impact forces that occur in boxing – the shoulders can become a very problematic area for boxers and combat athletes….

FACT: 66% of Boxers we have assessed show tight/immobile shoulders.

This means that the majority of boxers are at a high risk of a shoulder injury. It’s important that we improve the mobility, stability and strength of the shoulders….

In this week’s episode of ‘Boxing Science TV’; physiotherapist and certified strength & conditioning specialist Rob Madden shares his Top 5 Shoulder Mobility Exercises for Boxing

Rob has worked with a range of athletes and at the very top level of boxing – working with the likes of Anthony Joshua, James DeGale and many more.

In this episode you will learn…
• Five shoulder exercises to help improve shoulder strength, stability and mobility
• The key coaching cues when performing these exercises
• When to integrate them into your S&C plan