Matt Macklin
Former European champion

In patches he looked top class. He looked strong. It was an inconsistent performance. Other patches he completely switched off, coasted, showboated and didn’t do anything. It was a mixed performance. It was a strange performance I thought. I think he could have put his foot on the gas.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games cold medallist

Eubank was sharp in the early rounds but let the bout slip away a little, and a world-class fighter would have probably ended the Williams fight inside the distance. Some of the showboating at the end did him no favours.

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

I don’t know. It looks so wrong but it worked so right. Watching the first six rounds, it doesn’t look natural to him doing the Roy Jones sort of style but it was working perfectly. Then he just coasted. Then for me it was a little bit disappointing how he allowed the fight to end.

Chris Lloyd
Boxing commentator

For five or six rounds, yes. He’s adopted the Roy Jones posture and there’s a timing to his shots that was absent before they teamed up. But as the fight wore on, I wanted to see him shorten the breaks between his work, put his punches together in combinations. Stopping the Welshman would have made a good statement.

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