Darius Norowzian’s powerful short film, Born a Believer,  shows how the Carney’s Community charity helps ex-offenders and disaffected youths turn their lives around, breaking the cycle of gang life and how they no longer choose to fight outside the ring, only within it.

Edited by Grey London’s head editor Matt Newman, the documentary is told through the eyes of five young ex-offenders and disaffected youths, taking the viewer on an engaging and emotional journey through their recovery. It not only gives an insight into the troubles of post-gang life but also highlights how vital Carney’s Community has been in helping these young people be the best they can be.

Carney’s Community focuses on getting disadvantaged and excluded young people off the streets and away from a life of crime and despair by giving them skills, discipline and self respect.

Their unique approach is inspired by the late Fitzroy Lodge ABC legend Mick Carney MBE.

Mick’s greatest achievements were with the boxers that did not accomplish great fame or success in the sport. It was with these everyday boxers, whom he taught how to exercise self-control, show courage and behave with dignity. These youngsters would not only do their best in the ring, but they would both win and lose with dignity and never question the referee’s decisions.

Carney sadly passed away in 2011, but his legacy lives on through the committed great work of the new Lodge boss and former boxer Mark Reigate.

Darius Norowzian, director at Blink Productions, talks about the process of filming the documentary, talks about the process of filming the documentary: “I came into this project expecting to film a handful of interviews with some boxing footage and within a month we would have a small film ready to share. However, having joined the boxing club I really got a sense and feel for the power of the work Carney’s Community do, only then did I realise just how notable of a project this was.

“One after another different members of Carney’s Community wanted to get involved and take part in the film. It organically grew into something much bigger taking a deeper dive into the struggles of post-gang life. I knew I was part of something special when everyone not only offered their time freely to make this happen but were all so pleased and proud to be part of bringing this story to life.”

George Turner, Manager at Carney’s Community said: “Our hope for this film is to reach many different sections of society and give them a real insight into the plight of our participants. It will give people the opportunity to see what led these participants to their past, but more importantly it will show them the strengths and skills these young people possess and how they are now using them to have a positive impact on their local community and make a different life for themselves.”