VASILIY LOMACHENKO doubts that Devin Haney will offer him a rematch after their controversial fight in Las Vegas earlier this month.

On May 20 at the MGM Grand Haney defended his lightweight championship against the Ukrainian and won a unanimous decision in a highly skilled encounter.

Across boxing many had Lomachenko winning and shared their frustration and annoyance at the scorecards (115-113, 116-112, 115-113) and the sport itself.

Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas called it an “injustice” and a “robbery” in the post-fight press conference. Since then, he has written to all four sanctioning bodies calling for his client to be rated as number one and mandatory challenger for Haney’s belts.

At the post-fight press conference Haney was asked about the negative reaction to the result and the belief of those that his opponent won.

“At the end of the day the people can see what they wanna see,” he said.

“The judges made a unanimous decision. That’s all that matters is the judges. Each judge was on the same page. I got the victory.”

Speaking to ES News on Monday Lomachenko was asked if he thought there would be a return bout.

“I think it never happen,” he answered.

“It should. I think they are scared. I’m sure he scared. He understands he lose the fight. His father understand what happened.

“A lot of people talking about 12th round. I lose this round, but I don’t need win this round, I won a lot of rounds. I just keep my conditioning and I just keep my score and finish the fight and after 12 rounds I was sure I won this fight. I was very happy, and I stay. Announcer, say my name ‘And the new’ but it’s not happen.”

Haney’s win has seen him linked with fights against Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis. Two more career defining fights that would add to his legacy in the sport. Lomachenko said the only way the champion can create a legacy is to fight him again.

“He talking about legacy before the fight but if you want a legacy you need to make rematch. He need to make rematch. It’s all in his hands. This rematch need to him, not to me because I sleep very good because I understand.

“If you really a strong man inside you need to organise rematch but I think never happens.”

Lomachenko added he does not believe a box-office attraction against Davis would ever take place after he was asked for a prediction.

“It never happens because now he understand his skill, he understands his level. Now, I think he go up in 140.”