WORLD heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and Britain’s Tyson Fury came face-to-face at a press conference today ahead of their October 24 fight for the WBO, IBF and WBA titles in Düsseldorf.

A cheerful Klitschko discussed his motivation for the upcoming clash. “After all the years, all the different guys,” he said of his past opponents, “it was always challenging to find the right key for every person.”

He’s always wanted “to prove to myself I can make it, I can do it” and considers the Englishman just such a challenge. “I believe Tyson Fury is really meaning here what he’s talking about. He’s definitely not coming here on October 24 just to be present and be on the canvas. He’s coming here to win the championship fight,” Wladimir continued.

Klitschko insisted he has only watched a few moments of footage of Tyson fighting, when Fury caught himself with one of his own punches. Fury interrupted to add, “You did it against Bryant Jennings!”

Klitschko did not engage in a war of words then, rather he went on to say, “This guy is so entertaining, he sings, he dances, he’s a cool dude. He does things that people like or hate.”

On this occasion though Fury was more focused on the task at hand. “Wladimir’s a great champion. He’s been a champion for such a long,” Tyson said. “But I believe he has never faced a challenge like me ever before.

“Fighters like me only come along once every thousand years.

“I think I’m a very, very dangerous opponent for anyone to take… There’s plenty more from me to come.”

Fury himself noted, “It’s all hearsay, the only thing that counts is the fight on the night.” Not that that stopped him from turning to Klitschko to declare, “You’re boring. I’m going to rid you out of the heavyweight division. Your jab and grab style, surely all of Europe wants to see you get beaten and all of Europe and the rest of the world will see you get beaten. You have about as much charisma as my underpants. Zero. None. You go on, you’re a sports [scientist], you speak 37 different languages, for what? You’re still a robotic person. You’re not fun and exciting to watch. I am the new blood in the division, you’re an old man.”

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