TYSON Fury staged a press conference during a holiday in Tenerife this week while he waits for news on his next fight.

‘The Gypsy King’ has seen potential opponents fall off the radar this year for a variety of reasons. Originally Fury and his team had hoped to have a summer date at Wembley pencilled in, but the window of opportunity closes more and more with each day.

“Hopefully be announcing a fight in the next few weeks,” he said but admitted that matters need to be sped up.

With no bout to promote Fury was asked about the rumoured fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. The two former title holders are in talks to fight in Saudi Arabia in December.

“I think we all know what happens,” said Fury.

“I’d love for AJ to knock him out because Wilder’s a little b**** but I just see him getting chinned.”

Fury and Wilder were involved in a thrilling trilogy between 2018 and 2021. The Brit notched up two wins and drew the other. In February they bumped into one another on the night that Tyson’s younger brother Tommy defeated Jake Paul. The meeting was good natured and full of pleasantries but since then Wilder has went on the attack describing him as a “cheater” and that he can’t stand him.

“He come over and cuddled me,” Fury said of the exchange.

“Then a week later he says Tyson’s a piece of shit, this that and the other. You little slimy… he was what he was. Deontay Wilder’s Deontay Wilder and that’s it.”