“We’re trying to transform Jake into someone that can challenge for a world title or win a title at cruiserweight one day,” Shane Mosley, Paul’s new co-trainer, said. “But he needs to learn the proper stuff, because he started late, like Deontay Wilder. He is athletic but we need to mould him into a top fighter. He needs to beat Tommy [Fury] first, but that’s the way we want to go. I want him to really understand what’s happening in the ring.

Mosley believes that Paul was unwell the night he lost to Fury and a rematch would set the record straight. “He learned very quickly and went straight into sparring with experienced guys,” Mosley said. “But I think he missed the middle part of his development. So that’s what we’re working on. I’m coming to help. I’m not the head trainer but the legendary trainer, who knows different things because I’ve been in there and seen it and done it.

“Tommy was throwing a lot of unusual punches and Jake wasn’t ready for that amateur type of style Tommy had. Yes, Tommy dictated the range, but it was more so Jake did not know how to get to him, like cutting off the ring. There are different types of movement he could have done to draw him and to counter that he has not used yet, so we’ll teach him different things. So when he fights this type of fight again, that mistake won’t happen again, where he gets stuck and does not know what to do. I want him to know everything so he knows what to do.

“He will avenge that defeat to Fury. He’s only lacking in experience right now, that’s all. He would win if he rematched him next. He’s in good hands. With me and the whole team. I believe he’s going to improve very fast.”