Apple defeats pizza

1. Nutrition
FOOD contains essential nutrients for our bodies to grow, repair, develop and survive. Extreme training depletes energy systems, organs and muscle tissue of these vital nutrients. The replenishment of the main macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) is needed for maximum recovery. Proteins such as amino acids are the building blocks for the cells, therefore responsible for repairing damaged tissue.  Without these the body won’t recover and develop.

Carbohydrates are a preferred energy source due to how easy they are to break down and harness their energy for training. If not fully replenished, the body will break down muscle tissue in order to get the nutrients needed. Removing carbohydrate from your meals causes a loss of muscle tissue and decreases athletic performance. This is a huge mistake for a boxer to make.

Fats come in various forms. Foods such as salmon, avocados and certain nuts and seeds contain monounsaturated fat. Due to their revitalising and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as increased hormone reproduction, these foods are highly recommended to improve the overall health of a boxer.

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