1. Carl Froch rsf 8 George Groves

Another technical knockout, but Groves was in no state to continue after Froch ended their bitter rivalry infront of 80,000 at Wembley Stadium.

  1. George Foreman ko 10 Michael Moorer

An ancient Foreman became the oldest heavyweight champion in history by coming from behind against Moorer with a pile driver right hand.

  1. Mike McCallum ko 5 Donald Curry

McCallum tagged Curry with a fight-ending left hook as Curry wheeled away, stretching him out on the canvas.

  1. Antonio Tarver rsf 2 Roy Jones Jnr

A left hook out of nowhere shattered Jones’ aura of invincibility. Though Jones found his feet and the fight was waved, he soon fell back over.

  1. Julian Jackson ko 4 Herol Graham

Having taken a beating for three rounds, Jackson drew Graham onto his wrecking ball right hand.

  1. Juan Manuel Marquez ko 6 Manny Pacquiao

The Mexican hero ended his long-term rivalry with Pacquiao in dramatic fashion, flattening Manny with a destructive counter-right hand.

  1. Sergio Martinez ko 2 Paul Williams

Martinez avenged his decision loss to Williams by sending him face-first into the canvas with a huge left hand.

  1. Manny Pacquiao ko 2 Ricky Hatton

Though Hatton claims his preparation was poor, the perfectly-timed left hand which left him horizontal was phenomenal.

  1. Rocky Marciano ko 13 Jersey Joe Walcott

Behind on the cards, Marciano rendered Walcott unconscious with a monstrous right hand, the ropes propping Walcott’s body up on his knees.

  1. Sugar Ray Robinson ko 5 Gene Fullmer

Robinson unleashed the ‘Perfect Punch’ – a lethal left hook – to remove Fullmer from his senses and gain revenge for the loss Gene handed him a few months before.