1. Julio Cesar Chavez

There’s no debate on this one – Chavez was the very definition of what a Mexican fighter should be, notching an unprecedented 90-fight unbeaten run before suffering his first defeat.

  1. Salvador Sanchez

Just weeks after beating Azumah Nelson, Sanchez tragically died in a car crash aged just 23. He could have gone on to achieve even more extraordinary things.

  1. Ricardo Lopez

This gifted, smooth boxer went unbeaten in 26 consecutive title bouts, a record only Joe Louis shares with him. Lopez was utterly dominant at strawweight.

  1. Ruben Olivares

One of the most destructive punchers in bantamweight history, Olivares’ in-ring menace was a stark contrast to the affable figure he cuts outside the ropes.

  1. Carlos Zarate

Another all-time-great bantamweight, Zarate was not just a slugger – he had fine skills and could cut the ring off alarmingly well.

  1. Juan Manuel Marquez

A master counter-puncher, Marquez befuddled opponents at times but he was never afraid to go to war when required – making for some unforgettable fights.

  1. Marco Antonio Barrera

His blood and guts trilogy with Erik Morales is one of the best ever, and this warrior shone at several weights.

  1. Erik Morales

The living legend may have fought on past his prime, but his glory days firmly cement him as one of the best to ever lace them up.

  1. Miguel Canto

The diminutive slickster was not your typical Mexican fighter. Instead of all-out aggression, Canto relied on nimble footwork and supreme skill to outbox his foes.

  1. Vicente Saldivar

Saldivar’s featherweight title run is one of the finest in the division’s history, beating the likes of Howard Winstone and Jose Legra.