3. Marvin Hagler

A phenomenal fighter, Hagler proved himself one of – if not the – greatest middleweights of all time. His losses to Bobby Watts and Willie Monroe have become a footnote (both were avenged via knockout) due to Hagler’s dominance.

Even before he got his first crack at a world title in 1979, the bald-headed southpaw was viewed as the best middleweight on the planet. He only came away with a draw when he fought WBC and WBC champion Vito Antuofermo in Las Vegas, and the Italian would go on to relinquish his titles to Alan Minter.

Hagler travelled to London and thrashed Minter, sparking embarrassing riots from the British crowd in attendance. Hagler then went on a strong championship run. Roberto Duran gave him a handful, there was of course his three-round war with Hearns he emerged victorious from and he knocked John Mugabi out in the 11th of a thrilling fight.

He finally got a fight with Sugar Ray Leonard in ’87 and was a big favourite – some even feared for Leonard’s health. However Sugar Ray walked away with a highly contentious split decision, after which Hagler retired and moved to Italy.

Hagler added his ‘Marvelous’ moniker to his name by deed poll in 1982, and no one can disagree with the sentiment behind it.

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