4. Julio Cesar Chavez

Mexico’s greatest ever fighter, Chavez went 90 fights unbeaten before Frankie Randall toppled him in 1994.

He had beaten any and everyone from super-feather to super-lightweight in that time, though a questionable draw with Whitaker blemished his record. It also included Chavez’ most infamous win – a 12th round stoppage of Meldrick Taylor that came with just two seconds left in the fight.

Behind on the cards, Chavez was wearing Taylor down when he bombed him off his feet with a massive right hand in the final round. Referee Richard Steele waved it off when looking at a groggy Taylor, who had found his feet.

The Randall loss was immediately avenged in ’94 and and uninspired Taylor was beaten in a rematch.

Eventually, Chavez gave way to the next generation but he had set the bar extraordinarily high for his countrymen – Julio was everything a Mexican fighter should be.

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