7. Evander Holyfield

Arguably the greatest cruiserweight of all time, Holyfield truly became a star at heavyweight.

At cruiser, he wiped out Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Rickey Parkey and Henry Tillman before eventually moving to the banner division – where Mike Tyson ruled with iron fists.

Though Holyfield notched decent wins, he wasn’t decimating people the way Tyson was and few thought he would survive long if he ever fought ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. Buster Douglas stunned Tyson and Holyfield knocked out Douglas, becoming heavyweight champion almost by default.

Tyson’s prison sentence delayed their inevitable meeting but even upon his return Mike looked too much for Evander. However, Holyfield looked sensational and stopped Tyson in 11 rounds before Mike waved a vile white flag of surrender in their rematch by chomping a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear.

Holyfield’s form dipped and he fought on way into his 40’s.

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