9. George Foreman

Foreman at his peak was one of the most destructive heavyweights in history. That he was able to reclaim the world heavyweight title 20 years after it confirms Big George as a living legend.

After blowout wins over Joe Frazier and Ken Norton – the only two men to have beaten Muhammad Ali at the time – Foreman was seen as invincible. Ali of course stunned Foreman in Zaire when they met in 1974.

A ridiculously brutal encounter with Ron Lyle followed a year later but Foreman then retired in 1977 after losing to Jimmy Young and became a preacher. He returned 10 years later, amassed a 24-0 (23) comeback record and was matched with new heavyweight champion Holyfield. Despite his age, Foreman took Holyfield’s best and even had him hurt at times, swinging until the final bell.

The fairytale looked over in 1993 when he dropped a wide decision to Tommy Morrison, but then he fought Michael Moorer. A huge left-right combo left Moorer Barely concious in the 10th and Foreman was king again.

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