1. The Fight of The Century (1971)

The first Frazier-Ali bout was famous for not only being one of the greatest fights in history but for Ali being dropped in the last round and Frazier triumphing on the cards.

2. Undercard to World War II (1938)

In 1936, heavyweight contender Joe Louis lost in the 12th round against Germany’s Max Schmeling. Two years later, they returned to the Yankee Stadium and Louis, by now champion, got his revenge via first-round knockout in an iconic fight.

3. Johansson beats Patterson, Patterson beats Johansson (1959)

Ingemar Johansson wasn’t supposed to beat Floyd Patterson when they met in 1959 at Yankee Stadium, much less knock him down seven times and stop him in three. A year later, Patterson gained revenge at New York’s Polo Grounds, stopping Johansson in five.

4. Hopkins schools Trinidad (2001)

This was the first major sporting event to take place in New York following the tragic events of September 11. When it finally happened, Bernard Hopkins caused the upset when he ended the fight in the 12th round.

5. Rocky puts Louis through the ropes (1951)

Madison Square Garden was the location in which Rocky Marciano knocked out the great Joe Louis, his childhood idol, in 1951.

6. LaMotta and Robinson rivalry begins (1942)

The first encounter between Jake LaMotta and Ray Robinson delighted a Madison Square Garden crowd in 1942. Robinson won the fight by unanimous decision and would go on to win five of their six fights.

7. ‘Sugar’ Ray can’t stand the heat (1952)

The 104°F degree heat proves to be too much for Robinson (but not world light-heavyweight champion, Joey Maxim) when he retires after 13 rounds at the Yankee Stadium.

8. Lewis and Holyfield can’t be split (1999)

In 1999, WBC champion Lennox Lewis is denied victory against and WBA and IBF champion Evander Holyfield  at Madison Square Garden via contentious draw.

9. Marciano goes out undefeated (1955)

In the second round of his last fight at Yankee Stadium, Rocky Marciano was knocked down by Archie Moore but got up to retain his title in the ninth and retire from the sport with a rare undefeated record.

10. Ali is floored for the first time (1962)

Before he became Muhammad Ali, and long before he became “The Greatest”, Cassius Clay had to pull himself off the canvas when knocked down in the first round of a 1962 fight against Sonny Banks. The fight took place at Madison Square Garden, Ali’s first in New York.