Once slipping these Title Predator Boxing Shoes on, it doesn’t take long to recognise their main attribute – how lightweight they are. It is striking how easily one can move and it would be hard to find a lighter boxing shoe on the market. The innovative material ensures that movement isn’t hindered at all without eschewing the necessary support and robustness a boxing shoe needs.

With a striking design, these mid-length boots have a three-dimensional support system that perfectly contours around your foot and ankle, and they also expand with your movement allowing you to move in and out of range with ease. The soles are made of flexible gum rubber meaning the shoes have excellent grip, but will also never slow you down.

The mesh tongue also ensures regular air flow, preventing the shoes from getting uncomfortable.
At a decent price, these are ideal for any amateur or professional boxer looking for a pair of boxing shoes which will enhance their foot speed and keep them on their toes.

boxing shoes

These boxing boots cost $99.99 Visit www.titleboxing.com to see more.