What the manufacturer says: The perfect combination of Gel fist gloves and traditional semi-elastic handwraps to bring unbelievable protection and performance. Slip the neoprene glove over the fist for a custom form fit. More than a 1/2″ layer of Gel makes up the fist for an incredibly comfortable and impact resistant wrap. Hook-and-loop attachment on neoprene wrist and wrap wrist for extra secure wear. Complete with 80″ of semi-elastic wrapping for an ideal custom fit. Can be worn under gloves or alone for light bag work and training.

What we say: The wrapping of hands is an art. But it is also time consuming. Sometimes you don’t have time to fasten bandages properly around your fists. The Title Platinum Hybrid Gel Wraps however give you the option to just slide on wraps to protect your hands and get straight to training.

The neoprene padding is thick and firm, offering good protection though look out to check that you can form a solid fist without the fingers being pressed slightly apart. To provide firm wrist support these have a bandage that can be wrapped round and fastened securely.

Normally worn under gloves, a cheap, efficient alternative to wraps for some sessions, you can even experiment by using these in light training without gloves, to work on speed and punching without a load. Just be careful. A boxer’s most important tool are his hands.

Available for $16.99 from www.titleboxing.com