Christmas is an important period in almost everybody’s calendar, time to kick back and relax, eat plenty and spend time with loved ones.

But what should a boxer’s Christmas look like?

Well, it should be no different. However, when you have fights lined up early in the new year you have to look after yourself.

Over indulgence and under activity will result in a more difficult weight making process, affecting performance in training and in the ring. Professional and amateur boxers would not want to start the year with a potential ‘banana skin’ moment due to too much turkey leftovers and dipping their hands in the boxes of chocolate.

Don’t worry ….. Christmas is NOT cancelled

We are not going to tell you Christmas is cancelled, we believe boxers should enjoy the festive period as much as everybody else. It’s all about maintaining a balance so you are ready to return to training in the best possible shape.

This article series, 3 Steps to Stay in Fighting Shape This Christmas, will be a full sports science guide to structure your nutrition and training, as well as a range of tips to help you keep motivated.

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