The latest live offering from Frank Warren – headlined by Joe Joyce – begins at 7.15pm on Saturday night (July 25) on BT Sport 1.   

The excellent 2014 film I Am Ali begins with a 1979 phone call Muhammad Ali made to his daughter to tell her that he planned to fight again. ‘No! Please Daddy don’t fight again, you’re getting old.’ What follows, for the next two hours, is an enduring tribute to “The Greatest”.

Ringside used to be a weekly must-see for most boxing fans and on the Sky Sports Boxing You Tube channel you will find some highlights from that show, including an in-depth interview with Larry Holmes.

It only lasts for five minutes but The Boxer, featuring 39-year-old ‘prospect’ Jimmy First who turned pro at the age of 36, offers an interesting look at the lure and dangers of boxing professionally.