DESPITE their best efforts to have the result overturned or, at worst, a rematch ordered, Daniel Dubois and his promoter, Frank Warren, have ultimately failed in their bid to have the World Boxing Association (WBA) change their mind regarding an incident which occurred during round five of Dubois’ August 26 heavyweight title fight against Oleksandr Usyk in Poland.

The incident in question, of course, was the “low blow” Dubois landed on Usyk, which not only dropped the Ukrainian but was a blow Usyk was given almost five minutes to recover from.

Recover Usyk did, too, going on to eventually stop Dubois in round nine, only for Dubois and his team to maintain their view that the blow which sent Usyk to the canvas in the fifth was not low at all, but in fact legal.

Regardless, the WBA are seemingly having none of it. Tonight (October 12), in fact, they have issued a statement revealing they are going to uphold the result of Usyk vs. Dubois and therefore deny Dubois the possibility of a second chance.

The statement reads: “The World Boxing Association (WBA) ruled that the ruling of the bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Daniel Dubois, held last August 26, will stand after having thoroughly studied the appeal made by Queensberry Promotions.

“The bout that took place in Wrocław, Poland, ended with victory for WBA heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, who also defended his WBO, IBF and IBO belts in that bout.

“On September 4, the company representing Dubois emailed the WBA indicating that Queensberry desired to have the outcome of the bout reversed due to the referee’s action for a punch they considered low in the fifth round.

“Queensberry Promotions sent all the documents with their arguments to consider a reversal of the result. These were sent to Usyk’s representatives, the IBF and the WBO. On September 12, Usyk’s team acknowledged receipt of the appeal and their response, in which they addressed their arguments and various considerations about the fight.

“The supervisors of the fight were Carlos Ortiz (IBF), Ed Levine (IBO), Thomas Puetz (WBO) and Jesper Jensen (WBA). The supervisor of the pioneer body, Jensen, determined that referee Luis Pabón made the correct decision regarding the punch which he considered an accidental low blow.

“With the supervisor’s opinion, the WBA decided to send the case to the International Officials Committee, who on September 11, issued their review and found that there was no clear and conclusive evidence that the original decision made by Pabon on Dubois’ punch to Usyk was wrong. They also concluded that no TV clip had evidence that the decision was incorrect. In addition, they asserted that “the original decision of the low blow must stand, as there is no indispensable evidence to prove otherwise.”

“On the other hand, the WBA rules determine that the decision of a low blow  and whether a boxer who receives it can continue are strict competences of the referee and he is the only one authorized to make these decisions.

“After studying all the documents, the conclusions of all the instances and the internal rules of the WBA, it was determined that the appeal does not proceed and the decision of the fight stands with the victory and defense of the champion Usyk.”