1. Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

Jon “Bones” Jones will return to the Octagon this year after a hiatus of his own making but will immediately shoot back to the top of every fight fans’ must watch list. The reason fans love to watch Jones is because he is, quite simply, the most exciting and talented all round striker that MMA has ever seen.

What sets Jon Jones apart from every one else is the sheer creativity of his stand up game. He can box and kickbox conventionally as well as anyone in MMA but he has the guts and ability to do the unconventional, and do it brilliantly. Spinning elbows, flying knees, high kicks, low kicks, wheel kicks – the one thing that Jones’ bemused opponents know is that they don’t know what will be coming at them next.

You can train all the same disciplines as Jon Jones but you can’t learn what Jon Jones does; to misquote one of Jones’ former sponsors, he just does it.

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