3. Holly Holm

As it stands boxing is still the most watched combat sport in the world above MMA, and Holly Holm is the first professional boxing world champion to transition between the sports and win a world title in the UFC to go alongside her boxing belts.

The fact that Holm held multiple boxing world titles shows the pedigree of her striking and her kickboxing is almost as good as her boxing. In her signature victory over Ronda Rousey, Holm used her footwork and fistic abilities to great effect, often making her illustrious opponent look amateurish. Excellent use of the controversial oblique kick (a downward strike delivered with the sole of the foot to the knee area) also caused Rousey problems and it was a head kick that did for the seemingly unbeatable champion.

Fighting like Holly Holm needs composure, great technical boxing and kickboxing skills and the ability to carry out a fight plan.

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